Easy mobile app automation

Mobile App Testing for the masses

Fast. Easy. Affordable. Automated.


Your own personal test robot.

Let DaisyBot™ do your mobile app testing so you can focus on the fun stuff.

We test your mobile apps via our automated testing system.  The result is a set of Report Cards outlining user stories, page load time, memory and CPU usage, UX flow, and a checklist of commonly encountered problems.  


    Report Cards.



DaisyBot™ is a modern kind of Mobile App testing service.

We realize that testing is tedious and time-consuming, so leave that to us.  Let us save you time and money, while helping you increase productivity.

Our automated test system intelligently walks through each screens, in your app, remembering each path and creating user experience flows.  The system also looks for common mistakes for app store rejections. Finally, it compiles everything it learns into a set of Report Cards that can be shared and analyzed among your team.  The Report Card style, consisting of screenshots, lets you easily keep track of what has changed between each new app release.

No coding required.  Simply add us (qa@daisybot.com) as your tester (in TestFlight or HockeyApp etc) and we will test every new build available.



Low Cost. Cheaper than hiring.


Zero Effort. No coding required.


Unlimited Usage. Test to perfection.