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Starting DaisyBot is a dream come true for me.  As a tester myself, I know first-hand how hard and frustrating it is to automate mobile app testing. I know the particular pain points that come with testing products like mobile apps and web pages – the constantly changing UI, the varieties of operating systems (Android, iOS) and types of device.  I know that the testing can be tedious and labor-intensive.  Moreover, it is not just hard to create the initial automated tests but even harder to maintain them.  The efforts that are needed to create the automated framework and keep it running are expensive and time consuming.  I have seen how in both startups and big companies, there are always "more important" things to do and automation can easily fall by the wayside.  I created DaisyBot specifically to fix this problem.  I want to help startups and companies free up their limited engineering resources so they can focus on their core product rather than having to worry if their mobile app still functions build after build.


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areeya taylor

Sure, testing is generally perceived to be not as cool or sexy as doing development but I love it. I like figuring out the limits of the system and understanding how all the pieces fit together. And of course it is a necessary evil; you’re not doing your product justice if it doesn’t work flawlessly in your users’ hands.

From working at various startup companies since the beginning of my career to finally starting my own company, I have been responsible for the quality of different products from radio chips to robots for nearly 20 years.  I have designed various test frameworks from validating chip design to end-to-end tests of Internet of Things (IoT) systems involving mobile apps, cloud backend and the connected hardware devices.  What I have seen in my years of work is that mobile app test automation is always de-prioritized and companies end up doing manual testing. That’s never efficient in the long run and I want to fix that.



Misty Robotics, Nest, Revolv (acquired by Nest), Tendril, Ember (acquired by Silicon Labs)


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    Mobile app testing, robotics, Internet of Things, Zigbee and other wireless networking protocols, Smart Energy, embedded systems


    • Boston University (MS)
    • Mount Holyoke College (BA)